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    Tyler Jimenez.pngTyler Jimenez was a Basha wrestler in the mid-2000's. He is famous for winning a state title the same season his twin brother, Ryan, also won. Despite playing the same sport as his twin brother, Tyler had a very different career path. His career was plagued by injuries and near-misses. He broke his wrist at the start of freshman year and missed the entire season. He wrestled at the varsity level sophomore year, responding to his defeats with a vow to work harder. After switching to the 145 lbs weight class, he nearly placed in state his junior season. At the conclusion of Jimenez's junior season, his coach Michael Garcia declared, "He was at Ryan's level" (azcentral.com). After years of injuries and close finishes, it looked as if Tyler would be just as dominant as his twin brother.
    Then he broke his wrist again.
    Hampered by the offseason injury, Jimenez worked tirelessly to come back in time for the season. Despite not being in top wrestling shape, and having suffered an additional rib injury, Jimenez went 21-4 his senior season. Banged up at the state meet, he wrestled his final match with tapped ribs. His hard work and perseverance paid off. Jimenez cruised to a 9-5 decision, winning the state title for the 145 lbs class. Ater his brother's victory just a few minutes later, Tyler was able to proudly say that he had overcome incredible obstacles to share the top spot on the podium with his brother.

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