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    Are you doing a wax museum in your class? Here are some resources for local historical figures. 




    Arbuckle Family- Early Chandler family

    Eddie Basha, Jr.- Entrepreneur, grocer

    Najeeby Basha- Businesswoman, philanthropist

    Dr. AJ Chandler- Founder and entrepreneur, City of Chandler

    Edwards Family- Early Chandler family

    Zora Folley- Professional boxer

    Olive Goodykoontz- Teacher, Relief aid worker in post-war Germany

    Ernest Karkula- World War II veteran

    Norman Knox- Farmer, developer at Chandler Airport

    Raul Navarrete- Mayor, City of Chandler (first Hispanic mayor in Chandler)

    Coy Payne- Mayor, City of Chandler (first African American mayor in Arizona)

    George T. Peabody- founder, Chandler Chamber of Commerce and Arizona's first 4-H Club

    Arthur Price- Lawyer, founder, City of Chandler

    John Quarty- San Marcos Hotel manager

    Grace Robinson- San Marcos Hotel manager

    Jay Tibshraeny- Mayor, City of Chandler

    Eddie Wilson- Athlete, Chandler High School, professional football player

    Frank Lloyd Wright- Architect, worked with Dr. Chandler

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