Zora Folley

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    Zora.JPGThese lessons feature Chandler resident Zora Folley and his boxing career.  

    The 2nd-4th grade lesson focuses on Folley's life.  Students use both primary and secondary sources to create a timeline and locate information. 

    The 11th grade lesson examines legacy. Students learn about Chandler's professional boxer Zora Folley and make comparisons to Muhammad Ali by tracing the career of both boxers through primary sources including newspaper articles.

    These lessons are part of the Chandler Museum's Use Local, Teach National Lesson Plan Series. 


    Zora Folley: Fighting Against Being Forgotten, 11th Grade Lesson Plan

    Student Handout

    Student Resource 1

    Student Resource 2



    Zora Folley, Chandler's Professional Boxer, 2nd-4th Grade Lesson Plan 


    Additional resources:
    Zora Folley

    These lessons are aligned with Arizona State Curriculum Standards.

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