13: Timeline of the San Marcos

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    May 1912  Contract for construction awarded to Los Angeles firm of Sears and Gilbreath
    August 1912 Weaver Construction Company of Los Angeles now in charge. Shipping delays hold up progress. All of town waiting. 
    October 1912 All materials on hand. Real work comences.
    December 1912 Up to third floor.
    January 1912 Interior work begins as all in now under cover. Finest eletrical wiring.
    February 1913 Planting lawn to the south. Pouring concrete columns for pergola-each over one ton. Interior materials--doors, windows, casing, frames, counter, etc--all from L.A.
    March 1913 As much as possible un by electricity: vacuum cleaner, meat chopper, coffee grinder, dishwasher, stoves, warming plates. All wiring underground. 1,500 electric lights.
    July 1913  
    August 1913  
    September 1913  


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