02.2 C. B. Weaver Construction Company Hired to Build Hotel

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    Soon after the excavation was complete,  the C. B. Weaver Companyof Los Angeles, CA was contracted to build the San Marcos. A June 21, 1912 article outlines the progress, including the description of a planned natatorium.


    Weaver Company to Construct San Marcos

    $61,000 Will be Expended in Getting Palatial Resort Ready for Comming Winter

    All this week the railroad company has been delivering gravel to the Chandler Improvement Company, to be used in the cement work in the foundation of the beautiful Hotel San Marcos. Before another week has gone by the actual work of construction on the hotel will be well under way. The hotel will probably be ready for guests by November 1.

    Friday last the contract was signed in Los Angeles with the Weaver
    Construction company of that city for the erection of that portion of the San Marcos hotel south of the main court. In anticipation of this contract the Chandler townsite people, who are erecting the hotel, had ordered a large amount of gravel delivered by the Southern Pacific company for the cement and concrete work.

    The new hotel will be one of the most artistic buildings, if not the most artistic, in the southwest. It will be entirely of concrete, absolutely fireproof. The present contract calls for the completion of the kitchen, dining room, lobby, woman's reception room, writing room, pergola extending the entire east and south frontages of the hotel, three stories fronting Commonwealth Avenue on the south and two stories, fronting San Marcos place, across from which is the City park. Under the present contract $61,000 will be expended.

    The kitchen, dining room, lobby, writing and reception rooms will be finished in accordance with the plans of the completed hotel: that is in harmony with the completed structure which eventually will be enlarged with the north wing, north of the colonnade. The building will be two stories in height. The second floor of the section to be completed will contain thirty very large rooms, each with its private bath fitted with every luxury known to this feature of hotel construction.

    When the north wing of the hotel is constructed, the pergola will be extended to include the entire north frontage of the building. The foundation is to be laid having in view an eventual four story building. On the north side of the building, when completed will be five stores for rental.

    The hotel is to be suplemented by a natatorium which will be unique in the southwest. It will be located one block east of the hotel facing the City Park and occupy most of a city block. An immense swimming pool will occupy the center of the natatorium surrounded by amusement resorts of every description. The natatorium is to be supplied with the warm water from the Chandler well located just across the street from the main entrance. The water is 80 degrees temperature the year round. Of course a well kept boulevard between Chandler and Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe is a necessity that will be provided for. Work on the natatorium will be commenced in time for its completion to meet the demands of  the hotel. It will cost a large sum of money, but detailed plans have not yet been completed. When they are ready for submission for bids, due announcement will be made in the columns of this paper.1

    1Chandler Arizonan, June 21, 1912, p.3.

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