Recipes From Olive's Travels

    When Olive was overseas, she was often invited to family meals with the families her AFSC section was helping or with the families of the British relief workers. There were some food items that Olive became particularly fond of and she would write the recipes down in her journal so she could make them back in the U.S. Below are a few of those recipes:


    1 lb. sugar

    4 oz butter

    6 eggs

    2 lemons

    Melt the butter in a jar, add sugar + juice of lemons and the eggs well beaten. Stand the jar in boiling water, let it boil until stiff.

    4 ozs butter

    4 oz flour

    4 oz syrup

    1 teas ginger

    4 ozs. Sugar

    Place very small portions on tin and bake in cool oven. While still warm roll.



    Yorkshire Pudding

    4 tablespoons flour

    2 eggs.

    Pinch salt.

    ½ pt. Milk.

    Beat eggs first add flour and then milk gradually. Put fat in tins and place in oven. When hot put in mixture and then bake in a hot oven.



    12 oz. Quick Quaker Oats

    6 oz. butter (Is all right with 4 oz.)

    2 oz. sugar

    3. tables. Golden syrup.

    1 teas. Ginger

    Pinch salt.

    Melt butter + syrup together gradually stir in other ingred. Press into a shallow tin bake in cool oven till pale brown. When cool cut into fingers.

    These recipes aside, however, by and large the dessert/snack food Olive had the most often in Germany was küchen. "Kuchen" is actually just the German word for "cake" and thus it comes in many, many varieties and is often served with "kaffe" (coffee).


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