09. Redesign of the Original San Marcos

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    Redesign of the San Marcos Hotel 

    Dr. Chandler and Frank Lloyd Wright’s plans for the town of Chandler called for a reinvention of the town.  This necessitated the redesign of the San Marcos Hotel, despite the fact that the hotel was only 23 years old.  Dr. Chandler allowed Wright to re-envision what the hotel could look like.  Wright did not care for the original Southwestern style of the hotel, and his new plans for the hotel reflected his own aesthetic.  The sketch above looks northeast toward the back of the San Marcos.  

    Elevations of the Redesign of the San Marcos Hotel

    The sketch above shows a cross section of the redesigned San Marcos Hotel.  The exterior renovations featured the typical Frank Lloyd Wright style lines and low profiles.  The inside boasted monumental architecture and atypical angles that created unique geometric spaces.  The sketch below shows the plan to redesign the San Marcos Hotel’s dining room.  

    Redesign of the San Marcos Hotel's dining room

    All three images images are courtesy of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.



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