What did the San Marcos Hotel look like inside?

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    Guests of Chandler’s San Marcos Hotel were some of the wealthiest people in the country.  They expected only the finest amenities when they went on holiday.  Not only were the San Marcos’ amenities the most luxurious to be found anywhere, they were also the most modern.  When the San Marcos opened in 1913, it boasted having over 1,500 incandescent light bulbs, a telephone in every guest room, and more than 3 miles of copper wiring.

    Hotel guests entered a palatial lobby featuring a large fireplace and columns covered in bricks made at the local brickyard.  Their rooms were outfitted with chandeliers hanging over the dresser, writing desks with recessed lighting, comfortable beds, electricity, and a private bath.  Every guest room also opened onto a balcony or patio so the guests could enjoy the temperate winter weather.  A rooftop Japanese-inspired teahouse offered breathtaking views of the surrounding desert and distant mountains.

    The lobby, guest rooms, dining room, and other common areas such as the ladies’ writing room and the second floor reception room were all furnished with high end wicker.  Custom chandeliers hung in the dining room where guests dined on lavish meals prepared by the hotel’s chef.

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