What Chandlerite helped rebuild Post-War Germany?

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    Communities are filled with fascinating people. Everyone has a story to tell. If you stop to get to know them, they may be like former Chandler schoolteacher Olive Goodykoontz who played a role in world affairs. 
    Olive was born in Grant County, Indiana, on March 17, 1906. In 1926, her brother developed respiratory problems and the family decided to move to Arizona for its clear, dry air. Olive applied for teaching work in Chandler but was informed that she needed more training in order to be certified as a teacher in Arizona. In the mean time, Olive got a job working at the San Marcos Hotel where, according to her journal, she “fixed salads, relishes etc.” earning $60 a month. In 1927, Olive enrolled at Arizona State University and earned her teaching certification. Olive accepted a job teaching in Chandler and continued to teach in Chandler off and on throughout the rest of her life. 
    In the late 1930s she began spending part of her summers as a relief worker with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker organization in which she was quickly promoted to a leadership position. 
    Immediately after World War II, AFSC requested that Olive go to Germany to help with the rebuilding efforts there. Upon her arrival, the situation was overwhelming.  She quickly warmed to her work in Europe and to life in Germany among other relief workers, eventually becoming the highest ranking female in the AFSC mission. 
    After AFSC work in Germany ended, she continued to visit the country as often as she could while continuing to assist AFSC’s relief efforts all over the world.  For a rural farm girl who had intended to settle down as soon as possible, she ended up being constantly on the move and involved in world affairs while living quietly as an schoolteacher in Chandler.
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