03. Mary Ann Lorimer

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    Mary Ann Chandler August 10, 1909.jpgMary Ann Lorimer was the fifth child of John Lorimer and Isobel Brodie. John Lorimer and Isabel Brodie Lorimer, were both from Scotland. John Lorimer married Isabel Brodie in 1816, and they had a very large family of 13 children. Their first daughter, Mary Ann Lorimer, was born in 1826. When she was just a toddler, she and her family emigrated from Scotland to Canada traveling with a group of Scottish people. Sailing across the Atlantic, with her little children, Isabel Lorimer insisted on bringing a small rocker with her, much to the dismay of the ship's captain. Their sailing ship lacked passenger cabins and a strong protective railing, but nevertheless, it made the trip successfully. Mary Lorimer grew up and met Reverend Joseph Chandler, in a town called Coaticook, when she was a young woman.  .. After marrying Joseph Chandler, she gave birth to seven children who survived into adulthood:

    Isabell B. Chandler (1851-1918)
    George Ralph Chandler (1853-1855)
    Joseph Lorimer Chandler (1855-1881)
    James Milne Chandler (1857-1905)
    John Alexander Chandler (1859-1950)
    Harry Lyman Chandler (1811-1955)
    Priscilla M. Chandler (1863-1942)









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