19. Reliable Hardware Building

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    The Reliable Hardware building next door was also built in 1918, the same year World War I ended in Europe.  The property was purchased by Alva T. Morgareidge and J.D. Thorne in 1917 and construction began the following year.  Morgareidge, a town councilman and member of the school board, opened for business December 8, 1919.  At Reliable Hardware, one could purchase dishes, utensils, paint, furniture, appliances, harnesses, and, of course, hardware.  Reliable was unique as far as hardware stores went, in that it had a ladies restroom, which was an uncommon luxury for many of these buildings downtown in those days.  Morgareidge sold his interest in the early 40s to Ed Lamson, who continued to run a hardware store here until 1948, when the building was combined with Arrow Pharmacy, which Lamson owned at the time.   FS Rasco & Co., a nickel and dime store, occupied a portion of the building for several years, starting in 1948.  As you can see, it is currently under renovation and it expected to be leased out as retail space soon.


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