17. Friedberg Building

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    Next to the Bank building we come to the shorter Friedberg building, named for Joseph Friedberg, a dry goods merchant who got his start with a storeroom in the San Marcos Hotel.  He constructed this building on Boston Street in 1918.  In it, he operated his store, called “The Leader,” selling dry goods and clothing.  A 1919 advertisement boasted The Leader as “Chandler’s Favorite Shopping Center, Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Ready-to-Wear, Men’s Suits to Order $25 and up.”  Friedberg declared bankruptcy in 1923 but continued to operate The Leader until 1932, when the J.C. Penney Company moved in.  J.C. Penney himself, the company founder, visited this location at least a couple times.  Penney’s stayed in the Friedberg building for many years.  In 1972, Saba’s Western Wear moved in and continues to do business there today.


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