07. Morrison Grocery Building

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    The building to the left of the Monroe building is the Morrison Grocery Building, which includes both the green storefront on the right and the white one on the left.  The Morrison Brothers, Ernest and Leroy, were perhaps the first grocers in Chandler, first setting up in a wooden shack in May of 1912.  They operated their more permanent store here for only a few years.  In 1918, Abe Lukin opened Lukin’s Cash Grocery, which operated until 1930.  Lukin’s conveniently offered phone-in orders and twice-daily deliveries.  Roberto Andrade, who had been a butcher at the Pay-N-Takit, later ran his own butcher shop here in conjunction with Lukin’s.  His daughter Frances recalled, “It was very popular, and he was very well-liked…He would go walk down the street and argue politics—the only Hispanic Republican in Chandler.”  Arthur Price bought the building in 1937 and it was later occupied by the Chandler Electric Company, and eventually William’s Stationery, owned by former Chandler Arizonan proprietor R. Lynn Williams.  It later housed Hall’s Mens Shop for many years.


    Chandler Arizonan, January 16, 1914, p. 3


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