A Presidential History of Chandler

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    Theodore Roosevelt spent time in Mesa and Tempe for the dedication of the Roosevelt Dam. Louise Chandler caught a picture of Roosevelt striding past her on the way to deliver his speech at the Dam.

    William Jennings Bryan, the Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson and a three-time presidential candidate, stopped in Mesa during one of his campaigns. While there, he spent some time with the Chandler family and posed with them for a photograph. 

    Herbert Hoover spent a night at the San Marcos Hotel in Chandler on March 23, 1934, two years after he lost his chance at re-election to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

    John F. Kennedy met his college girlfriend, Harriet "Flip" Price (Dr. Chandler's grand-neice), while studying at Stanford University in California. While they were dating, Kennedy made at least one trip to the Arizona desert with Harriet. 

    On January 25, 2012, President Barack Obama became the first sitting President to visit Chandler. He visited the construction site for the new Intel plant to talk about proposed policies for bringing manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

    In recent years Arizona has become a popular campaign stop for presidential hopefuls. Several candidates have made campaign stops in Chandler, including John McCain and Mitt Romney, who outlined his tax plan in a campaign stop in Chandler on February 22, 2012.

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