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    Library Will Be Enlarged; Do Your Bit

    Reports that have been circulating around town that the Chandler Public library would be discontinued, have happily been set at naught, as a result of a meeting Thursday afternoon of the library committee, which decided that the library would not only continue but would be conducted on a larger scale than heretofore.
    More books have been ordered, especially for the children and young people. Mrs. Ross M. Winters will be the librarian and library hours will be from 3 to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays. A series of library entertainments is being planned and the Chandler people are urged to lend their support to the library for the good and its value to everyone. It may not be generally known but strangers in large numbers use these headquarters and spend many a pleasant hour over the books and magazines.
    The Chandler Library poster which exhibited at the state fair received favorable mention and later was exhibited in the schools of Phoenix, and now hangs in the local library.


    Griffin Babe Eats Crayons; Near Death

    The year-old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Nate Griffin is dangerously ill as a result of eating a number of crayolas Wednesday. These crayons are considered somewhat poisonous and by Thursday the youngster was in a dying condition. Hard work on the part of the phsicians succeedd in relieving its condition by last night, although this morning the boy is still in a serious condition.

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