June 20, 2013 Meeting

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    I.  Collected by Staff - postcards of the San Marcos Hotel; City, 64-F Williams Air Force Base yearbook, Class 64F graduation ceremony program.

    II.  Wayne Brumbough - Collection of Williams Air Force Base related artifacts: photo album with pictures of murals and painted ceiling tiles; WAFB 50th anniversary book; copy of "Wings - Last Graduation Special Issue;" Placard of the 82nd Civil Engineers; Pendant "WAFB 1941-1993;" Copy of a map of WAFB

    III.  Chandler Unified School District - Athletic bag and jacket from Chandler Junior High School

    IV.  Chandler-Gilbert ARC - scrapbooks documenting history of the Chandler-Gilbert ARC

    V.  Corley Haggarton - WINGS newspaper, April 28, 1989

    VI.  Frances E. Fisher - Collection of photos from her and her husband's time at Williams Air Force base

    VII.  Dave McDowell - a copy of his new cookbook "Cow Camp Cookery: Customs, Conventions and Chow of the Campfire Crusader," 2013

    VIII.  Harriet Knox Stapley - Two framed photos of Knox family members

    IX.  Slusser Memorial Library - Three photographs:  2 portraits of Julia Pope Chandler; one candid shot of Julia, Dr. Chandler, and others on a fishing expedition off Catalina Island

    X.  Bill Staples - Author signed copy of A Diamond in the Desert


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