Chandler High School Marching Band

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    1977 CHS band 001.jpg 1977 CHS band 002.jpg 1977 CHS band 003.jpg 1979 CHS band 001.jpg
    1977 CHS Band 1977 CHS Color Guard Director Gary Larkins Derek Calton

    1979 CHS band 002.jpg 1979 CHS band 003.jpg 1979 CHS band 004.jpg 1979 CHS band 005.jpg
    1979 CHS Band 1979 Drum Line 1979 Brass Section Clarinets taking a break

    1979 CHS band 006.jpg 1979 CHS band 007.jpg 1979 CHS band 008.jpg  
    Saxophone Section Members Brass Section Members 1979 Woodwind Section  
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