Harriet "Flip" Price

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    These letters were written by Harriet "Flip" Price Fullerton while she attended Stanford University.  They were written to her boyfriend, John F. Kennedy.

    Letters are the property of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library.  They can be found here.

    JFKPP-004-091-p0002.jpg JFKPP-004-091-p0003.jpg JFKPP-004-091-p0004.jpg JFKPP-004-091-p0005.jpg



    Letter 1 Page 1 Letter 1 Page 2 Letter 1 Page 3 Letter 1 Page 4 Letter 1 Envelope Front

    JFKPP-004-091-p0007.jpg JFKPP-004-091-p0008.jpg JFKPP-004-091-p0009.jpg JFKPP-004-091-p0010.jpg JFKPP-004-091-p0011.jpg
    Letter 1 Envelope Back Letter 2 Page 1 Letter 2 Page 2 Letter 3 Page 1 Letter 3 Page 2
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