Sept. 7, 1964 II

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    Sept. 7, 1964


    Hope this letter finds all well & happy!

    All of us here are fine.  Mikie is growing like a weed, Lynn is working hard & so am I.

    You letter was very touching & heartwarming.  It had made me think about my life in the past and future.  My family was never very close and when I look back and see what a wonderful family Lynn has been raised in I only want for us to have a happy family.  Lynn & I are working toward only one goal and this is it.  Lynn & I have worked out many problems since we were married and we have reached a happy climax.  We both love each other very much and we have come to understand each other in the last two or three months.  I seems that for the three or four weeks we couldn't seem to get along, and since we have talked over many problems we have worked them out and we are now very very happy.  Actually, Lynn & I can't ask for any more.  We have a beautiful son, a happy home, and a wonderful marriage that we have worked out with each other.  I have found that it is so much easier to overlook the little things that happen for they are insignificant, the only things we need to worry about are the big problems.

    There isn't too much news here.  The weather is very nice.  Very cool at night infact [sic] we haven't even had the air conditioner on for the past 4 or 5 nites [sic]. 
    Lynn would like for you to send his guitar, we will pay for it when it arrives in Charlotte in other words send it by Air C.O.D. 

    I've got to go & get my clothes out of the dryer - Love to all - write soon!

    Dee, Lynn Mike


    P.S. I've lost 12 lbs so far - I'm down to 128 lbs. still have 10 more to go.

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