Sept. 7, 1964

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    Sep 7

    Dear Mother, Daddy & kids,

    I am sorry I haven't taken the time lately to sit down and write.  We are sitting here watching T.V., diden't [sic] have mutch [sic] of a day (labor day) worked a while this morning then spent most of the afternoon at the pool.  My work here is very instertigg [sic].  We have 278 apt. in 8 seperate [sic] buildings to take care of.  We, myself & our other engieneer [sic] have to take care of everything from air cord heatpumps [sic], hotwater [sic] heaters, washers & dryers garbage disposals to swimming pool motors, roof rent  motors and all of our lawn eqpt.  You have to be a plumber, electrican [sic] carpanter [sic] and mechinic [sic] to do your job.  This is something that would be right down your line daddy.  With the help of Mr & Mrs Rigio I am learning the apt building b---- from top to bottom.  Vince and I went to Washinton, D.C. last week, spent 4 days there, he showed me the buildings they used to manage plus we visited a lot of other building complexes that are going up.   You coulden't [sic] belive [sic] the amount of apt buildings that are going up every day.  You would have to see it to belive [sic] it, also this country is also something to see. It still tale my home country though.

    We are living good apt furnish, washing f---, swimmig [sic] pool, golf course 65.00 and Dee 30.00 a week plus hosp. insurance furnished by the company.  We have our car paid for an are paying off Dr Bleget so all we have really to buy is food, a few clothes and what littles gas our car uses.

    Mike is something else now.  He has grown so much this summer you wouldn't belive [sic] it.  We don't need an alarm clock he is up standing in his bed at 7:10 every morning bouncing up and down screeming [sic] & holloring [sic].  I get up a put him in bed with us and we play and wrestle around for a while.  Then we all get up and have breakfast together, he is sure a lot of fun.  He eates [sic] more than Dee and I put together almost.

    We have a negro baby sitter now sience [sic] school has started.  I think she will be very good.  She --- 4 or 5 hours while Dee is working.  We have been after Dee's dad to get his camera out and take pictures of Mike up till now we all have been working very hard but things are getting stightened [sic] out now.  We have torn out part of a storage room and spent well over 500.00 on tools for our wood shop.

    When we came back from D.Cwe came down the coast (Alantae [sic]) so now I can say I have been from coast to coast.  As you can see from the weather reports we are preparing for another hurricane coming up the coast.   We got a lot the last one (Cleo)   See you for now, I think of you very often.



    P.S. Happy birthday

    Mario & Kathryn

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