Oct. 15, 1964

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    Oct. 15, 1964

    Today is Master MIke's 9 month birthday.  Its unbelievable.

    Today is a gloomy day it has been raining since early in the morning.  The trees are turning - they are beautiful.  All colors of red & orange.  The fall of the year is one season I love.

    Mike is getting so smart - he is drinking out of a cup now and I'm beginning to toliet [sic] train him.  He only has two milk bottles a day one at night & one in the morn. but during the day he has only water.  I want him off the bottle by the time he is 1 year.  Of course he will have one at nite but none during the day.  He doesn't sleep hardly at all anymore! The little stinker!  I'm so glad I'm home with him now.  He is much happier.

    We have moved into a ground floor apartment now.  So our new address is 1406 "B", we also have a new addition to the family a frisky collie pup named "Friskey" - he is 3 mo. old and a character.

    We read in the Chandler Paper about Judy Crawford.  That was terrible.

    Lynn is working very hard these days, he comes home very tired at the end of the day.

    Last Saturday an old boyfriend of mine came to have dinner with us.  He & Lynn got along very well.  He lives in Wash. D.C. and is going to school in Belmont, N.C. just outside of Charlotte.  We had a very nice time, he just fell in love with Mikie.

    My Aunt & Uncle fro Ohio were here for a day.  They were on their way to Florida. 

    Hope all is well.  How is Martha Jane doing in school?

    By the way, would you please send all the boxes of Christmas things by Railway express C.O.D. - mark fragil on them. Thank you.

    Lots of Love,

    Dee, Lynn, Mike, & "Friskey"

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