Nov. 10, 1964

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    Nov. 10, 1964

    Dear Mother & Daddy Ray & Kids,

    I'm sure you are all mad at us for not writing but since I'm the only one who does any writing its [sic] kinda hard.  I've been kinda under the weather for the past two weeks.  Of course Lynn doesn't have a broken arm but you would think so.

    Now for the news!  Are you all going to be just about ready for you 11th grandchild in June of 1965? Yep! that's why I haven't been feeling to [sic] good.  Of course we didn't want one this soon but good ole Mother Nature slipped up on us. 

    Lynn has been very busy not only doing regular hour work but also overtime.

    Last Sunday he an Mr. Campbell went to Reidswille about 150 miles from Charlotte and moved some people down here to the apartments.  He made $30.00 in one days [sic] work.  But he has no time to relax.

    I'm fine other than just not feeling up to par.  I made $40.00 in 4 days last week.  They had a Women's show at the Merchandise Mart and one of the salesman here at the apts asked me if I would help him out so I did, I enjoyed it very much.

    Our son is getting too big for his brittches [sic].  When you tell him no! he stands there are looks are you with a grin on his face and then shakes his head NO!.  He's getting too smart.  He has three teeth now and has a fourth one on the way I think.  How's all the family? How's Martha Jane like school?

    How are the boys doing in school?  Are they studying hard?  Is Kathrine doing ok?

    Have you seen Mary & Joe?  They are home now!  Where they are living I really don't know.  Why don't you give Mrs. Wheat a call and find out - I woeuld love for Mary & Joe & Mama & Papa to see the pictures of Mikie.

    I surely do hope you all are feeling well. Tell all for us - hello.

    Love from all of us,

    Lynn, Dee, Mikie &

    Friskey (our collie pup)

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