May 31, 1964

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    May 31, 1964


    1327 No. L---- Ave

    Springfield, Ohio


    Dear Folks,

    Hope this letter finds all well and happy.  As for us we all are fine.  Of course we have all been on the go.

    We saw Donnise last week and she looks real good.  Tommy was on a roadtrip.

    The trip was real nice although ------- was long.  The baby ------  --od up real well.  He ---- quite tired.

    We are leaving Tues. morning for Ronoake [sic], Virginia and should arive [sic] there sometime Tuesday evening.  We will stay there a few days and then go down to Charlotte, N.C.  You will get a long letter from us then.

    Oddie & Dad said they have plenty of furniture for us to choose from, so Im [sic] real anxxious [sic].

    Love to you all

    Lynn, Dee, Mikie

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