June 12, 1964

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    June 12, 1964

    Mr. & Mrs. Lynn W. Ray

    1406 - D Eastcrest Dr

    Charlotte 5, N. Carolina

    Hi folks,

    I was glad to get your letter, but was so sorry to hear about Norman Crawford's wife.

    I'm sure you all had a good time with Marion and the brood.  And I'm sure the house was full.

    I wish I had been there for Education Week.  I'm sure I would have learned alot [sic].

    Martha Jane needs to get a job; to pass the time away and make some money to go to school.  Is she going to Mesa Jr. College?

    Our apartment is real nice.  We will have to take pictures and send you some.  I have even rated a dishwasher.  How about that.  Lynn just loves his work and he has done a little work at the pool.  I took Mikie swimming the other day and he liked it.  I want to get him used to water.  Its [sic] not good for children to be affraid [sic] of water.

    I am working in the office and I love it.  I work from 9:30 until 2:00.  I will be working for Oddie and she is teaching me all the office procedure.

    My grandmother bought Mikie a stroller and Dad & Oddie bought him a high chair.  He really likes it.

    Do you know wheather [sic] or not my folks [sic] house has been sold?

    In a few weeks we (Lynn, Mikie, Oddie & I) are going to Wash. D.C. and show Lynn around, and I want to look up some of my old friends.  I have been trying to find Sue Dixon for about 1 yr.

    Our telephone is 537-7221 are code 703.  Well Mike is just fine growing like a weed and for about three weeks is yelling and screaming - it seems he has found he was a voice.  He is just crazy about my Dad.  He talks to him and they get along real well.

    I think my sister will be comming [sic] out in a couple weeks.  I sure hope so.

    Well, I've got work to do, its my day off and I've got lots of things to do.


    Lynn, Dee, Mikie

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