July 6, 1964

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    July 6, 1964


    I'm sure you are about to disown us aren't you?

    We have been quite busy as you can well imagine.

    Things here are fine, we are all very busy and Lynn loves his work as I do also.  Mikie is really growing.  And of course into everything.  He must weigh around 21 lbs. now.

    I'm sure he will have a tooth in another month.

    And of course he is trying to walk as usual.  Lynn bought him a walker and boy can he ever get around in that thing.  He has already broken a dish.  You really have to keep right on your toes.

    My sister is coming to stay with us for awhile [sic].  When I don't know.  I think some time this week-end.

    Lynn is working like a dog - but he is learning alot [sic].

    Last week I bought Mikie a bathing suit and he went in the baby pool.  He likes it of course he always did like water.

    We haven't heard a thing from Mary & Joe. I'm anxious to hear how she is doing - on al about Greg & Joe.

    Lets [sic] us hear from you.

    Love Always,

    Dee    Lynn   & Mikie


    P.S. Tell the kids hello & to behave them selves [sic].

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