July 29, 1964

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    July 29, 1964


    Dear Mother & Daddy Ray & Kids,

    Hope this overdue letter finds all well & happy.  I can guess that you all are having a good time.  We here in Charlotte have certainly had our share of rain.  Actually it rains at least once or twice a day.

    It is 2:00 A.M. and I'm not sleepy so i decided to write to you.  We have been very busy.  As you can probably tell.  Thats [sic] why so many letters are not being written.  Really this is about the best time for me to write.

    Michal, my sister is here for 3 weeks and I just lover her company.  We have so much fun together.  Really this is about the best time for me to write.

    Actually I'm ashamed of myself for not wrtiting more about Mikie.  But my words don't flow like Carol's.  He is almost 7 mo's old now.  I really can't believe it.  Time sure passes.  I'm taking him to the Doctor Friday, he needs to get started on his shots, Plus I think and hope we can put him on Cow's milk before too long.  He ---------------------------------------------- that I really hate to pull him off.  He is now sitting up by himself, which is so cute, and of course standing up in his crib, plus trying to walk.  Teeth should be comming [sic] in before too long.  He is so darling, fat as a butterball.  I think his hair will be blond for awhile [sic], eyes will be brown - their [sic] turning now.  Can he ever flirt. Boy!!

    I have been taking him down to the pool every day.  He loves the water, and has no fear what-so-ever.  I'm so glad because I had a fear until I was 1q2 or 13 yr's old.  I'm back on my diet pills and I really feel alot [sic] better.  Dr. Bleck sent me the perscription [sic].  Thank heavens.  I've got to lose weight.  I've lost some, but actually it has only shifted from one place to another.  I have been having sharp pains in my chest - near the heart so I'm seeing a Doctor about that.  Plus my tooth (the one that the temporary fillings cam out had been bothering me but I'm going to try to hold off until we get Becker pd. off before I have my teeth taken care of.  We only have Becker, Bleck & My Dad to pay off for '-aw l---.  By

    Dad all all pd. off for the trip Out.  Also by the End of October we should have Becker & Dr. Blech are off our list.  I've made up a budget and I'm determined to stick by it, or else.  Along the way we will save around $270.00 and we wil lthen pay the Scool Loan and have that all taken care of.  Then we will owe only my Dad for the T.O. & dinnette [sic] set. which is only about $100.00 which we can take care of in no time.

    Mybe sometime next year we (1965) will be able to afford a new car.??

    Of course I (We0 do want to have another small one, in maybe December of `965.  Not any sooner!  I want to wait till MIkie is our of diapers, toliet [sic] traied and can play by himself, dress by himself and so forth. I may be selfish in doing it this way but I don't want any more than 4 children and I do want them 2 years apart each.  This way it gives us time to enjoy tje other older one thouroly [sic].

    Lynn is fine, he looks great.  We did have quite an arguement [sic] and at that point I really needed someone to talk to.  But all is well now and I think we understand each other beter now.  I'm ------------------- but I was quite upset myself.  I love him very mucha dn I am happy but I really was hurt & upset.  I know that he did say things he did not mean.  So, I've overlooked them.

    I took some pictures today of Mikie & Michal (my sister) and we will send the pic. when they have been developed.  I know you are anxious to see them, but you know me, I'm slower than the "7 yr. itch".

    I'll have to tell you what happened yesterday morn. Lynn got up and fixed his own breakfast and he fixed toast & grape jelly.  But it seems that we have some crazy babysitters.

    Anyways someone had put tabassco [sic] in the grape jelly.  Can you imagine?  I laughed so hard I thought I was going to cry when Oddie told me yesterday when I went to work.  Plus someone had put salt in Michal'scake.  So - I don't know!! What a way to wake up. Huh??!!

    I love my work, I've met so many wonderful people and I really hope someday I can be the manager of a building.  I love the work.  There are so -----  I have --------- but there is also so many things I still have to learn.

    Be careful, take care, & we love & miss all of you.  Please write soon. - -

    I'm getting writers [sic] cramp!

    Lots of Love,

    Dee, Lynn, & Mikie


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