Dec. 22, 1964

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    Dec. 22, 1964

    Dear Mother & Daddy and Kids,

    Ins't [sic] it funny how sentimental people get when its [sic] Christmas time.  I was telling Lynn the other nite [sic], how I wished we were back to see the family especially during Christmas.  We do miss you so much, miss the very wonderful and unforgetable [sic] times we used to have.

    Mother & Daddy you have done so much for us, you just being there is doing enough.  Lynns [sic] plans are of course to come home someday, but this experience is so wonderful for Lynn.  He is building a beautiful cabinett [sic]-desk-bookcase all in one.  He and Mr. Campbell (the other Eng.) built it.  They will each make about $40.00.  Lynn recieved [sic] a $100.00 bonus from the apts.  Which will surely help especially this time of the year.  We are trying to save some here & there.

    Lynn has gone with my Mom to do some shopping tonight [sic], so Mr. Mike & I are by ourselfes [sic].  He is sleeping.  We are both tired by 6:30, when I put him to bed.

    We are going to be moving into a two bedroom sometime before May or April.  I can't wait.

    Please have a very happy New Year - we will send some pic. after Xmas, some that we will take Xmas day.

    Lots of Love,

    to all,  we miss you.

    Dee, Lynn & Mikie

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