Aug. 16, 1964

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    Aug. 16, 1964

    Dear Folks,

    Time has really flown by.  Yesterday Michel [sic] was 7 months old.  I really can't believe it.  It seems like only yesterday I was going into the hospital.

    He is so cute, and getting so big.  Lately, he has been pulling himself up to things, I'm sure he will walk by the time he is 9 months old.  Lynn is enjoying Mikie so much more now.  He comes home from work and plays with Mike now.  I enjoy that because I'm always afraid that if Lynn ignors [sic] MIke now that it will make an impression later on.   And thats what I don't like.

    Lynn & I are both working hard.  Lynn has been busy with all the roofs here in the project.  We have had nothings but rain since the 15th of July.  Today it has rained all day and its 11:15 P.M. and its [sic] still raining.

    Ever since my folks took over which was June 1, 64 they have rented 75 apts.  Their goal is to have every apt rented by October 1, or at least 90% of the apts.  And they will I'm sure.

    About a month ago I made up a budget and so far we have stuck by it.  We have almost paid Mr. Becker off.  We only have $40.00 to go and we are going to pay him off in two more payments.  Thank heavens!

    By the way, speaking of paying people, have you heard any thing from Dr. Blech?  I wrote him so either you will hear from him or we will.  By the 2nd week in November we will have Dr. Blech paid off.  And if he decides to buy the Sanbugger then it won't even by [sic] that long.

    How is everyone at home?, hope all is feeling well.  Its very late now so I'll close for the time being.  We all say hi to all.

    Love to all,

    Lynn, Dee & Michel

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