Dust Bowl

    What was the  Dust Bowl

    The Dust Bowl entry from Wikipedia
    What Was "The Dust Bowl"? by Geoff Cunfer, Southwest Minnesota State University on Economic History Net 

    Map of areas affected by the Dust Bowl

    Map of the Dust Bowl area from the documentary Surviving the Dust Bowl from PBS's American Experience

    Timeline of the Dust Bowl

    Timeline of the Dust Bowl from the PBS Documentary Surviving the Dust Bowl

    Photographs of the Dust Bowl

    Daughter of Mexican field laborer. Near Chandler, Arizona.jpg Dust Bowl farm. Coldwater District, north of Dalhart, Texas..jpg    

    Chandler Images

    National Images




    Lesson Plans for the Dust Bowl

    Dorothea Lange and Dust Bowl Migrants in Chandler


    Causes of the Dust Bowl

    NASA explains the Dust Bowl Drought

    The Drought from the PBS Documentary Surviving the Dust Bowl

    1936 North American heat wave entry from Wikipedia




    Newspaper accounts


    Oral Histories about the Dust Bowl

    Chandler Connections

    From Kansas

    From Oklahoma


    Migration of people during the Dust Bowl

    The Migrant Experience from the Library of Congress, written by Robin A. Fanslow, American Folklife Center, April 6, 1998.


    Books about the Dust Bowl

    Non-fiction Books

    Fiction Books


    The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

    "Archival Vintages for The Grapes of Wrath" -article by Daniel Nealand that appeared in the National Archives Magazine Prologue


    Surviving the Dust Bowl from PBS's television series, American Experience

    Arizona's Dust Bowl--Lessons Lost from Arizona Public Media

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