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    Winn’s Addition was initially developed in June of 1919 when Realtor and future town councilmember Benjamin M. Crenshaw subdivided the area south of Chandler’s city limits and sold lots along Saragosa and Morelos streets. Superintendent of Chandler schools at the time, H.A. Keely, writes about the deal in his memoirs: 

    “There was 20 acres of land without water rights, just south of town, that could be bought for $4,000. There were irrigation canals on two sides. Why not buy these 20 acres, he (Crenshaw) suggested, subdivide it into 100 lots and sell them to Mexicans at $125 each, $25 down and $7 a month.” 

    Superintendent Keely, Mr. Crenshaw, and two unnamed buyers each agreed to put in $1,000 for the land purchase. However, the other two buyers pulled out of the deal. Superintendent Keely and Mr. Crenshaw maneuvered their personal funds to get the rest of the money. 

    Southside Neighborhood: 100 Years of Recipes and Stories.

    The 1940 Chandler Resident Directory showed many farm workers, laborers and other blue-collar workers living there.


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