McCullough, William Davis

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    BIRTH:  January 26, 1886
    SPOUSES:  Grace Cohoon

    William D. McCullough was born in Detroit in 1886. His father died when McCullough was at a young age, and he was forced to fend for himself, driving a delivery wagon. In 1901, he headed west and spent time on a cattle ranch. In 1903, he moved to Indianapolis, and two years later to New York. He became a salesman for the Motor Parts Corporation of New York, and in 1910 returned to Detroit, where he became a purchasing agent for Cadillac. He next moved to Detroit Wire Spring, and in 1915 organized hos own company, the Premier Cushion Spring Co. During World War I, McCullough organized the Premier Machine Company, and supplied parts to Dodge and Ford. William D. McCullough lived at 1115 West Boston in the 1920s and 1930s.1


    1Courtesy of Historic Boston Edison Association's webside: accessed July, 7, 2014.


    William D. McCullough appears in the 1940 Chandler (Arizona) Resident Directory as a rancher, living with his wife Grace three miles west of Chandler. Their phone number was 100.

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