Lorimer, John

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    John Lorimer married Isobel Brodie on June 13, 1816.

    They had eleven children:

    John Lorimer, Jr. (1817-1891)
    William Lorimer (1819-1900)
    James B. Lorimer (1820-1904)
    Alexander Lorimer (1821-1868)
    Mary Ann Lorimer Chandler (1826-1912)
    Isabella Lorimer Martin (1828-1921)
    Betsy Lorimer Dolloff (1831-1823)
    Joseph G. Lorimer (1833-1910)
    Peter B. Lorimer (1834-1919)
    Janet Lorimer Hay (1836-1873)
    Benjamin Lorimer (1838-1888)

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