Lamb, Dennis

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    Scrapbook 3 04-30-1-020_0014.jpgDennis Lamb grew up in Chandler on a dairy farm in the 1940s and 1950s. He attended Chandler High and enjoyed playing football and basketball, but baseball was his true passion. He graduated from Chandler High in 1961, and enrolled at Brigham Young University, where he played three years of varsity baseball. With an outstanding batting average of .616 during his college career, he earned the honors of All-Conference, All-District, and All-American. In honor of his determination during the game, BYU officials gave him the “Mr. Hustle” award in 1966 and 1967, among other honors. In 1967, Dennis played on the Pan American Baseball Team. The USA team beat the Cubans that year, the only time the Americans won the baseball championship in the history of the games. Danny was named to the All-American College Team and became a Collegiate District Seven All-Star Player. Although pursued by Major League Baseball scouts during most of his college years, Dennis chose to focus on his business career and raise a family.

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