Jacobson, David A.

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    Served as a City Councilmember from March 1920 - May 1920. Served as Mayor of Chandler from May 1920 - June 1922. He was the city's first mayor. 

    In 1914 David Jacobson built what would become known as the Price Building at 80 San Marcos Place. It was named for Arthur E. Price, Chandler's first attorney and Justice of the Peace, who later bought it. The building later housed Chandler Pharmacy, which opened in 1937 and operated for about 50 years, according to a downtown Chandler plaque.

    The 1916 and 1917 Chandler City Directories list him as proprietor of the Hotel Chandler. The 1918 directory also lists him as working there. In the 1919 directory, he is also described as the acting postmaster.

    The 1920 directory indicated he owned (or ran?) Hotel Chandler and was a member of the City Council.

    The 1921 directory said he was the mayor. The 1923 directory showed him as owning Hotel Chandler and living there.


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