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    1929 Chandler City Directory: Chandler City Government:  All offices located in Cty Hall, 198 S. Arizona. Attorney -- D. A. Keener; City Jail, clerk -- C. A. Graves; Constable -- Joseph Smith; Councilmen -- J. E. De Souza, R. E. Ward, W. G. Vaughn, A. T. Morgareidge; Fire Department, Health Officer -- J. M. Meason; Jail -- E. E. Hall; marshal, Justice of the Peace -- R. P. Sellers; marshall -- E. E. Hall; Mayor--J. F. Salladay; Police Court -- C. A. Graves; Judge, Superintendent of Schools -- F. P. Austin; superintendent of streets --E. E. Hall; superintendent, water department--E. E. Hall

    1930 directory:

      CHANDLER CITY GOVERNMENT, City Hall, 128 S. Arizona. (all offices located at city hall unless otherwise specified) L

    Attorney: D. A. Keener

        City Jail
        Clerk: C. A. Graves
        Council: J. E. DeSouza, A.T. MorgareidgeW. G. Vaughn, R. E. Ward
        Fire Dept: A. H. Begley, chief
        Health officer: J. M. Meason, 131 W. Commonwealth
        Marshal: A. H. Begley
        Mayor: J. F. Salladay
        Police Court: C. A. Graves, judge
        Street Dept.: A. H. Begley, superintendent
        Treasurer: C. A. Graves
        Water Dept. : A. H. Begley, superintendent

    1931 Directory:

    Attorney: D. A. Keener
    City Jail -- 128 S. Arizona
    Clerk: L. H. Edwards
    Council: R. E. Ward, J. H. Shrewsbury, W. G. Vaughn, Fred Price
    Fire Dept.: Henry Hardt, chief
    Health officer: J. M. Meason
    Marshall: Henry Hardt
    Mayor: J. F. Salladay
    Police Court: L. H. Edwards, judge
    Street Department: Henry Hardt, superintendent
    Treasurer: L. H. Edwards
    Water Department: Henry Hardt, superintendent.

    1932 Directory:

    Chandler City Government, City Hall, 128 S. Arizona Ave. (all offices at City Hall unless otherwise specified)
       Attorney: Frank Beer
       City Jail: 128 S. Arizona
       Clerk : L. H. Edwards
       Council: R.E. WardJ. H. ShrewsburyW. G. Vaughn, Fred?
       Fire Dept.: Henry Hardt
        Health Officer: J. M. Meason
        Marshall: Henry Hardt
        Mayor: J. F. Salladay
        Police Court: L. H. Edwards
        Street Dept.: Henry Hardt, superintendent
        Treasurer: L. H. Edwards
         Water Dept.: Henry Hardt

    The 1932 Phoenix Telephone Directory, Chandler section, said the Town of Chandler City Hall had the phone number 10.

    1940 Chandler Resident Directory:

    Chandler, Town of:
       Attorneys: R. P. Meason and Mark Wilmer
       Clerk: L. H. Edwards, phone, 10
       Councilmen: James M. Meason; H. S. Kerby; R. H. Vest; W. O. Moore; R. E. Dunbar; phone, 10 
       Mayor: James M. Meason, phone, 10
       Park & Playgrounds: Joseph Love, superintendent; phone, 10
       Police Department: L. H. Rodgers, marshall; phone, 26
       Public Water Works: Henry Hardt, superintendent; phone, 10
       Refuse Collector: John Farmer; phone, 10
       Superintendent of Schools: W. G. Austin, Chandler High School; phone, 39
       City Hall: west side of south Arizona, beyond Boston; phone, 10


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