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    Mr. and Mrs. William F. Casper, New York
    Mrs. William Byers and party, Boston
    Mrs. Sarah Brayton, Massachusetts
    Mr. and Mrs. Owen D. Young and family
    Col. Slocum, New York
    Gardner Cowles, Des Moines
    Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Mathewson
    Col. Brinton
    Mr. and Mrs. William Bunker, Connecticut
    Mr. and Mrs. William E. Shaw, Rockport, New York
    Mr. and Mrs. Ed S. Moore, New York

    Chandler Arizonan, November 6, 1930, page 1.


    John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
    Clyde Reed
    Mr. and Mrs. M.S. Keeler, Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Mrs. Charles G. Lathrop, Pasadena
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Kidder, Boston
    Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Durst, Minneapolis
    Mr. and Mrs. D. R. West, Minneapolois
    Mrs. H. T. Crawford, West Orange, New York
    Mrs. Peter Boyd, Philadelphia
    Mrs. George Bayne Stephens, Los Angeles
    Mrs. Owen D. Young and son, New York
    Mrs. Loveland, New York
    Mr. Brown, New York

    Chandler Arizonan, March 12, 1931, page 1.

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